Our Full-Day Conferences Empower You To

dingbat-2 Identify & effectively communicate your areas of strength
dingbat-2 Determine & harness resources you need
dingbat-2 Learn & implement successful career change & return-to-work strategies & tactics
dingbat-2 Connect with firms in need of your skills

Nov 6, 2013 Denise Hughes, Christy Ross

San Jose Mercury News
“Connect•Work•Thrive Conferences are a valuable resource
to those returning to the workforce or changing careers.”


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Every Conference is Unique!

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Connect•Work•Thrive Conferences assist those eager to change careers or reenter the workforce after a career break. We offer an exciting array of speakers, facilitators, and interactive workshops.

You will learn key insights from those who changed jobs, changed careers, or returned to work. Employers share successful back-to-work approaches in today’s job market. You will have many opportunities to personally network on-site with employers, career experts, and fellow attendees in a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment.


Join us on October 19th to learn more!