Maintain Confidence Throughout Your Job Search

Sara Ellis Conant
At the May 1st Connect•Work•Thrive Conference
Sara will also facilitate the workshop
Have it All: Combine a Meaningful Career with the Relationships You Desire

Sara Ellis Conant

Believing in yourself and conveying confidence are two of the most important aspects of a successful job search. Doing so can be almost impossible in the face of the repeated rejections that are an inevitable part of finding a new job.


In this interactive workshop, you will identify practical tools for increasing and maintaining your confidence throughout your job search. Through Sara’s skillful facilitation and coaching, you will have insights in three areas:

  1. Embodying your strengths: How to not only know your strengths but demonstrate them in your interactions with potential employers
  2. Positive persistence: How to remain positive while persisting through the hundreds of ignored emails, unanswered phone calls, and “we found a better fit” conversations
  3. Self-worth: How to cultivate habits that lead to true self-confidence and will increase your success for years to come



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