Comments from Previous Conference Attendees

“I have found work – thanks to your inspiration! I will be working for Stanford Hospital and Clinics.”
dingbat-3Marnie F.
Menlo Park, CA


“I just received a call from the Tesla recruiter, and they offered me a position.  That’s very exciting.  Almost certainly due to your workshops and paying attention to the various things the presenters mentioned.”
dingbat-3 Michael C.
Santa Clara, CA


“I have decided to pursue my dream and passion-and will be leaving high tech to start a new education movement, that will also engage the parents who are highly educated but want to spend time with their kids. I am eager to not lose momentum…”
dingbat-3 Jeanny C.
Sunnyvale, CA


“I attended your conference yesterday. It was definitely worth the trip up north. I met some amazing, inspiring women. Thank you for hosting such a terrific event!”

dingbat-3 Bianca C.
Los Angeles, CA

“Refresh Your Career stands out as a highlight for 2013 in my mind. What a successful and fascinating event! I found the whole process very uplifting and energizing. I’m enjoying the afterlife of the conference.”
dingbat-3 Megan F.
Fremont, CA


“I (appreciated) that the conference was going to focus on the energizing of our careers, not just “gettingback into the game.” I really enjoyed the conference and hope the next one you have is on a Saturday for those of us that are working but would love to attend again.”
dingbat-3 Ivy M.
Palo Alto, CA

“I love to see the passion you bring to helping others! Nice Job! You had a good variety of speakers, so there really was something and most likely quite a bit for everyone. It was a great conference! Well Done!”
dingbat-3 Deborah R.
San Rafael, CA

“I attended the Connect Work Thrive conference today and really enjoyed it. The speakers were all excellent. Great job and thank you!”
dingbat-3 Lesli G.
Danville, CA


“I enjoyed meeting you yesterday. I enjoyed the conference and took away many tips that I think might help me in my work as a career coach working with women in transition.  Let’s stay in touch.”
dingbat-3 Patricia K.
San Francisco, CA

“Thank you so very much for the passion you bring to helping women return to the workplace.”
dingbat-3 Juliana C.
San Mateo, CA

“I was really thankful to go to your conference back in the fall. I did thoroughly enjoy the conference. I met so many neat women there, and could feel their successes and struggles; it was nice to be validated in different ways and encouraged and challenged. It was great to meet so many Yale women too, and women from other important circles. Thanks so much for organizing all this.”
dingbat-3 Jennifer K.
Mountain View, CA

“Firstly thank you for putting this conference together.  My thanks is late but heartfelt, as the event was so helpful to me personally.  And simply being around others with similar struggles was very eye opening.”
dingbat-3 Makan D.
San Francisco, CA

Additional comments:
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