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Sara Ellis Conant
“The event was exceptionally well done, and the presentations I attended were useful and inspiring. What impressed me most was the caliber of the attendees.  You did a fantastic job.”

dingbat-3 Sara Ellis Conant, Conference Workshop Facilitator
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Sherri Appel Lasilla

“Johanna is dedicated, bright, thoughtful and a person who makes things happen. She put on a fantastic conference which attracted top notch speakers and attendees. Her follow through has been impeccable – it’s been a joy working with her and seeing the evolution of Connect•Work•Thrive.”

dingbat-3 Sherri Appel Lassila, Conference Workshop Facilitator
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Jo Ilfeld

“Johanna is a wise mentor, a dynamic person, and an inspiring entrepreneur. I worked together with Johanna on a Refresh Your Career: Connect•Work•Thrive event and it was an amazing success. Johanna is a skilled networker and marketer who brought together the high-level, accomplished women both as attendees and as conference presenters. The words that kept getting repeated during the conference as well as afterwards was how high quality and beyond expectations everything was. Johanna is a true force for change in the lives of Bay Area women. Every piece of the conference was meticulously planned and executed and the result was an experience that inspired and motivated all the women who attended. I look forward to being part of future Refresh Your Career: Connect•Work•Thrive events and working further with Johanna.”

dingbat-3 Jo Ilfeld, Conference Workshop Facilitator
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Diana Ecker

“I had the good fortune to be an invited speaker at a conference Johanna masterminded, planned, and hosted. Her commitment to engaging and supporting all of the people connected with the conference was extraordinary from start to finish. Johanna brings a unique and focused insight to the experience of highly qualified, very accomplished individuals who are in transition in their careers. She attracted a remarkable group of attendees through strategic promotion of the conference, making the experience of leading a session a true pleasure. Finally, Johanna is committed to seeking and integrating feedback from stakeholders and raising the bar ever-higher. I look forward to continuing to be a part of the very special community she makes possible!”

dingbat-3 Diana Ecker, Conference Workshop Facilitator
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Julie Kaufman

“I appreciate all the work you’ve been putting into this, and think it will continue to be great. I was very impressed with the conference, especially the quality of attendees and the degree of organization.  Very good job!  I would be happy to be part of it again next time.”

dingbat-3 Julie Kaufman, Conference Workshop Facilitator
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Denise Hughes

“Johanna invited me to speak at the Connect•Work•Thrive Conference. Her invitation lead to growing conversations about how to support women in transition. Johanna is a thought leader in her field. She is dynamic, energetic, creative + her follow through and attention to detail is meticulous. What I most admire about Johanna is her ability to hold a big vision picture while making sure every “i” is dotted and “t” crossed to give her conference participants the most warm cared-for experience. She is an amazing leader!”

“Johanna, I was beyond impressed at the ‘whole package’ you created for all of us, presenters and attendees! The energy combo of support, brilliance, and beauty was palpable at least for me! It truly was an honor for me to be there!”

dingbat-3 Denise Hughes, Conference Workshop Facilitator
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