Comments From Employers, Sponsors, and Keynote Speakers

“We found a candidate that the client really likes… Thank you for your follow up. I am sure I will have more open positions in the market.”

dingbat-3 Traci Morrow, Employer
BLUE telcom, Inc.


“You did an awesome job putting together interesting, relevant, and helpful sessions with incredible, talented, and gifted presenters. I have attended many conferences and events.  Your presenters were of the caliber of Tony Robbins presenters at Business Mastery, which cost about $15,000. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and was happy to be of services to those who were pursuing a career in real estate. I got so much personal value out of attending.”

dingbat-3 Roberta Moore, Employer
Alain Pinel Realtors


“Johanna Wise is the definition of a successful Silicon Valley start-up entrepreneur. Her heart and mind are connected to her vision. A natural leader she is focused on results, and transforms quickly supporting the ever changing landscape while executing consistently to achieve superior results. I was the keynote speaker at the launch of Johanna Wise’s new company, Connect•Work•Thrive and saw this woman and her team in action. The launch was a wild success for all that attended, but also for the corporate sponsors and speakers. I am honored to know Johanna and look forward to continuing our partnership, together committed to changing the world, and providing new opportunities for our shared community of leaders and innovators.”

dingbat-3 Sheryl Chamberlain, Morning Keynote Speaker
Burnish Your Brand: Using Your Best Talents More Often
for Sheryl’s comprehensive review of the conference, visit Innovation Station

“Congratulations on getting “Refresh Your Career” off the ground and organizing the conference.  I think what you’re doing is fantastic and love the “Connect•Work•Thrive” name for the conference.”

dingbat-3 Gaurav Khanna, Conference Sponsor
Yale Club of Silicon Valley


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