Why Attend a Connect•Work•Thrive Conference?

Johanna Wise

“Attending Connect•Work•Thrive conferences will make you significantly more marketable: you can develop your resume and a compelling LinkedIn profile which will stand out among the rest, improve your interview and negotiation skills, and most importantly, gain a better understanding of the jobs for which you are suited, along with the skills to find them.

Connect•Work•Thrive Conferences offer those in career transition a plethora of action-oriented workshops, dynamic keynote presentations, and workshop facilitators who are the BEST at what they do.

Attend with a friend. The price for the workshop is reduced if you sign up with one or more friends.

Invest in yourself. We think nothing of hiring tutors for our children.

Now it’s your turn.”

dingbat-3 Johanna Wise, Founder of Refresh Your Career: Connect•Work•Thrive Conferences


Susan RoAne

In order to THRIVE in the workplace we must build a network. First we need to attend a variety of events, “work” rooms, connect with new people, break the ice, start conversations, and exit them graciously. The savvy among us know that networking is a mutually beneficial process whereby we share information, leads, ideas, support – and if we are lucky – laughter.

dingbat-3 Susan RoAne, Author, Silver Anniversary edition, HOW TO WORK a ROOM® and The Secrets of Savvy Networking.
Susan delivered the March 2014 Connect•Work•Thrive Keynote How to Work a Room® – Face to Face in a Digital World


Ingrid Stabb

“To be successful and fulfilled, your work life must reflect your true self, including calling upon the strengths you already possess.”

dingbat-3 Ingrid Stabb, Co-author of The Career Within You
Ingrid will facilitate the workshop How to Make Yourself Indispensable With Strengths-Based Career Choices


Jo Ilfeld

“…I’ve spoken at a lot of events and I was blown away by the high quality of the participants as well as the speakers. In fact, one of my clients was reporting how she wanted to keep connecting with the women she met there since they were so awesome and inspiring. I think whenever you’re deciding where to spend your time and money resources on conferences, you need to consider the caliber of the participants which will set the level of discourse for the whole conference.”

dingbat-3 Jo Ilfeld, Executive Leadership Coach, Entrepreneurial Growth Expert, Leadership Development Speaker
Jo will co-facilitate the workshop Assert Yourself! and will also hold One on One Coaching Sessions throughout the conference

Sherri Appel Lasilla

“We each have a unique combination of talents, qualities and experiences, each designed by life to make a unique contribution in this world. There is nobody else who can do what you can do, in quite the way that you can do it. When we design our career from this perspective, it brings an enormous authentic confidence and passion.”

dingbat-3 Sherri Appel Lassila, Creator of Professional Reboot: Creating Meaningful Work on Your Own Terms
Sherri will facilitate the workshop Meaningful Work: How To Build Your Career Around Your Calling — Even When You Have No Idea What It Is









“I believe that women represent a tremendous, untapped resource that has produced and will continue to yield huge returns for organizations and the communities they support. Through the power of women’s entrepreneurial activity, we create growth and prosperity while driving solutions for business and social problems. We, in partnership with men, are now a driving force of entrepreneurial growth and leading real, fundamental economic change that is reshaping the world.”

dingbat-3 Sheryl Chamberlain, Senior Director, EMC with President Bill Clinton at 2011RSA Conference
Sheryl delivered the November 2013 Connect•Work•Thrive Opening Keynote Burnish Your Brand: Using Your Best Talents More Often


Nov 6, 2013 Teresa Kersten, Diane Beaufait

November 6, 2013 Julian Wise, Andrew Wise, Roberta Moore, Karen Burke




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