Success Stories

“I just received a call from the Tesla recruiter, and they offered me a position. That’s very exciting.  Almost certainly due to your workshops and paying attention to the various things the presenters mentioned.”
dingbat-3 Michael C.
Santa Clara, CA 


“I have found work – thanks to your inspiration! I will be working for Stanford Hospital and Clinics.”
dingbat-3 Marnie F.
Menlo Park, CA


“I am now teaching mathematics at a private girls’ high school and I love it!”
dingbat-3 Xenia H.
Palo Alto, CA


“SRI International hired me as Project Manager for its Center for Education and Human Services, leading large evaluation and technical assistance projects in early childhood, disability, and assessment.”
dingbat-3 Lois L.
San Carlos, CA


Just a quick update: I started work at US Bank in their Wealth Management group last week here in Chicago. Thanks for your words of advice and “keeping me going.”
dingbat-3 Steve G.
Chicago, IL


“I have decided to pursue my dream and passion-and will be leaving high tech to start a new education movement that will also engage the parents who are highly educated but want to spend time with their kids. I am eager to not lose momentum…”
dingbat-3 Jeanny C.
Sunnyvale, CA


“We found a candidate that the client really likes… Thank you for your follow up. I am sure I will have more open positions in the market.”
dingbat-3 Traci Morrow, Employer
BLUE telcom, Inc.

“You did an awesome job putting together interesting, relevant, and helpful sessions with incredible, talented, and gifted presenters. I have attended many conferences and events.  Your presenters were of the caliber of Tony Robbins presenters at Business Mastery, which cost about $15,000. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and was happy to be of services to those who were pursuing a career in real estate. I got so much personal value out of attending.”
dingbat-3 Roberta Moore, Employer
Alain Pinel Realtors


“I’ve spoken at a lot of events and I was blown away by the high quality of the participants as well as the speakers. In fact, one of my clients was reporting how she wanted to keep connecting with the women she met there since they were so awesome and inspiring.”
dingbat-3 Jo Ilfeld
Berkeley, CA


“I’ve been to and organized many conferences, however, I have never been to one where there was such emphasis on quality of the content, delivery and attendee. Masterful!”
dingbat-3 Camilla Olson
Palo Alto, CA