Maria Molfino

At the March 22nd Connect•Work•Thrive Conference
Maria will facilitate the luncheon address
How to Handle the Stress of Uncertainty

Maria Molfino


Right now, you’re feeling:

  • stuck in your career and are ready to move onto something that feels more aligned with your unique purpose
  • unsure how to create a sense of ease, flow, and balance that is defined by you and not by society
  • hard on yourself and want to cultivate a practice of self-compassion and acceptance

I combine the best of design, psychology, and Eastern wisdom to bring you to the next level.



After studying psychology at McGill, I conducted research in public health and neuroscience at the Stanford Medical School before realizing that I was interested in directly facilitating personal transformation. I felt too creative to be a researcher.


At the Stanford Medical school, I taught hundreds of people how to manage their personal energy, stress, and emotions through various techniques rooted in yoga.


I have a Masters in Learning, Design, and Technology in partnership with the Stanford School of Education and the Stanford Design School. I worked alongside amazing behavior designers such as BJ Fogg – psychologist and head of the Persuasive Technology Lab – to understand how behavior is formed and sustained. I also collaborated with talented educators at the School of Education to understand more about the various ways people learn, which gave me the theoretical foundation for my coaching practice.


As a designer, I think about applying the design process to life. I combine design with my experience with Eastern modalities to help you gain clarity of mind and quiet the fears that are holding you back. I use everything in my tool belt to help you get where you want to go: design thinking, behavior design, psychology, yoga, meditation, breath-work, coaching, and other powerful processes.



  • Masters in Education, Learning, Design, and Technology, from Stanford University
  • Stress-Management + Wellness Instructor at the Stanford Medical School
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences from McGill University
  • Hatha Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certification
  • ISHTA Yoga Teacher Certification
  • Art of Living Teacher Certification