Understand the Money Equation For Your Best Job Transition

Michelle Bonat

Michelle Bonat

Whether you are changing careers or re-entering the workforce, understanding exactly how your money plays a part in your choices should be at the heart of your strategy at each point along the way. In this workshop we will address some key money questions you can ask yourself at the various points of leaving your current job, managing the offer process, starting a new job, and ultimately driving towards retirement.

These are some of the questions we will cover:

  • How much should you have in the bank if you leave your employer without another job?
  • What are they key financial things you should do before you leave your current employer?
  • How do you know what salary to ask for at your new job based on the market?
  • What kind of salary do you need to meet your retirement goals?
  • How will the new job effect your taxes, social security benefits, and IRAs?
  • And the best question: “When can I retire?”

A personal finance expert leads this workshop. This is a workshop designed to educate you on some tools to help you pursue your financial goals. No financial products will be recommended or sold during this presentation.