Make Your Money Work Harder in Less Time

Michelle Bonat and Tom McGuirk

Michelle Bonat        Tom McGuirk

As you head back to work, you are faced with the prospect that you still want to “do it all” except that “all” now includes a job. How are you going to manage all of this? Even before you focus on getting that great new job, focus on a plan for your money, so your money can work hard for you even while you are at work.

Despite our advanced schooling, most of us have not had any formal education on how to effectively manage our own finances. This is a workshop to empower you to make the right choices with your money to meet your goals.

We will help you understand your options on ways to do this, including:
• what you can / should do yourself,
• tools you can use, and
• how to outsource personal finance and investing management tasks.

We will also cover the different types of finance professionals that can help you, and their cost structure. A personal finance expert and entrepreneur, and a professional investment advisor, lead this workshop.

This workshop will educate you on  tools to help you pursue your financial goals. No financial products will be recommended or sold during this presentation.