Brenda Bernstein

At the Connect•Work•Thrive Conference,
Brenda will facilitate the workshops:
How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile
Traversing the Resume GAP (Don’t Fall Into This One!)


Brenda Bernstein

Founder, The Essay Expert

Author, How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile,
How to Write a WINNING Resume,
How to Write a STELLAR Executive Resume


Brenda Bernstein, Certified Master Resume Writer and accomplished editor and LinkedIn trainer, believes that resume writing does NOT have to be a drag! Her effective resumes have not only led to jobs for hundreds of executives and other job seekers, but have also been nominated for three prestigious TORI resume writing awards, winning a Best New Graduate Resume award in 2012. Brenda authored the #1 best-selling e-book, How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile, and recently published two new e-books: How to Write a WINNING Resume and How to Write a STELLAR Executive Resume.


With an English degree from Yale, a J.D. from NYU, and over 15 years as Owner and Senior Editor at The Essay Expert, Brenda has coached hundreds of professionals and companies who need to look great on paper. Her clients reliably obtain sought-after job interviews, admission to top schools, and measurable business success.


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