Concrete Tips for Effortless Networking

Sasha Grinshpun

Sasha Grinshpun

We all have powerful networks; we just have to know how to tap into them. For jobseekers, career switchers, executives, consultants, and business owners, your network is your most valuable asset. Whether you are a natural networker, or an off-the-charts introvert, you will learn how to cultivate this critical skill.


This highly interactive workshop focuses on the practical aspects of networking, looking at how to build, use, and maintain your network. It covers both face-to-face and online networking. We will discuss:

  • How networking has changed in the past 20 years.
  • The three secrets to networking success.
  • How to become a better storyteller.
  • The importance of nurturing your network before you need it.
  • How to get to the decision maker faster.
  • How to make the ask.


All participants will walk away with a Networking Action Plan to jumpstart their career success!