Onboarding Executives: Grasping the Opportunity to Move Senior Teams Forward

Pam Fox Rollin

Pam Fox Rollin

As business leader or HR partner, do you find your brilliant new senior hires struggling 3 to 6 months in? New executives are hired to move the organization forward, but they often find that impossible to do unless the senior team moves forward as well. Executive coach Pam Fox Rollin will describe the challenges and opportunities inherent in onboarding executives and guide you through practical approaches to strengthen senior teams.


During this session you’ll learn:

  • Challenges and opportunities for executive teams in transition
  • Three strategies for strengthening leadership team effectiveness while onboarding new executives: owning the change agenda, forging personal partnerships, and raising decision quality
  • Tools that support high-value conversations with your new and transitioning leaders


Pam will also facilitate the job seeker workshop:
Start in Stride: Succeed in Your New Role by Acing the First 6 Weeks

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