First Bay Area Return to Work Conference Announces Keynotes

EMC Corporation Senior Director Sheryl Chamberlain to Discuss “Burnish Your Brand” and iRelaunch Co-founder Vivian Steir Rabin to Provide “Top Strategies For Returning to Work”


Cupertino, CA, October 28th, 2013, Today Refresh Your Career, LLC, an organization that provides skills and resources to people changing careers, announced that EMC Corporation Senior Director Sheryl Chamberlain and iRelaunch Co-founder Vivian Steir Rabin will deliver the keynotes for the inaugural Bay Area Connect•Work•Thrive Return to Work Conference.


The conference will take place Wednesday November 6th, 2013 from 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM at NestGSV, Inc. in Redwood City, CA.  Lunch is included for attendees.


“The goal of the conference is to provide job seekers, who are returning to work after a career break or looking to make a career change, with practical tools and advice to better market themselves in the fast-changing Bay Area marketplace,” said Refresh Your Career founder Johanna Wise.


EMC Corporation Senior Director Sheryl Chamberlain, who will deliver the morning keynote, “Burnish Your Brand: Using Your Best Talents More Often,” explains the focus of her talk: “Wherever you go, whatever you do, the most effective tool you bring with you is the brand called “You.” My own brand, cultivated over time, reflects my vision and passion of being an agent of change leading innovation in the corporate world. For me, this involves helping others find their unique gifts and then orchestrating the sharing of those talents to innovate new ways to contribute to the organization’s success.“ She added, “During my talk, I will share stories of leaders, each a pioneer in their own field, who used their success to help others. All have a global perspective and consistently reach outside their normal sphere of influence. In taking these leadership lessons to heart, you will learn the importance of understanding what you care about most so you too can tie your brand to your vision and be more influential more often.”


Vivian Steir Rabin, co-author, Back on the Career Track and cofounder, iRelaunch, will deliver the lunchtime keynote “Top Strategies For Returning to Work.” “Returning to work after a career break is not easy, but it is doable.  And you can even do it on your own terms.  The most important factors are to figure out what you want to do, so you can be focused and passionate, and to build your confidence by initially talking with supportive friends and family, inventorying your marketable skills and personal qualities, and ultimately getting out of the house and connecting with potential employers, clients and business partners,” said Ms. Rabin.  “For those people who are just beginning to explore their current career options, the Connect•Work•Thrive Return to Work Conferencewill be a great first step. For those who have already started on this journey, the conference will offer a wealth of resources and expertise all under one roof,” she added.


In addition to Chamberlain and Rabin, other notable national and Bay Area speakers include Brenda Bernstein, Sara Ellis Conant, Diana Ecker, Sasha Grinshpun, Denise Hughes, Jo Ilfeld, Julie Kaufman, Sherri Appel Lassila, Anne Moellering, Pam Fox Rollin, Tracy Sestili and Ingrid Stabb. The complete conference agenda is available here.


After attending the workshops and presentations, attendees will be able to successfully:


  • assess personal skills and determine applicable careers
  • address the gap years on a resume and during job interviews
  • determine necessary job search resources and how to leverage them to get a job
  • maintain confidence during job search and dress for success
  • identify and reach powerful job networks


The day will conclude with an opportunity to network with other attendees, speakers, employers, and dozens of Silicon Valley Startups located at NestGSV.  To register for this event, please visit Connect•Work•Thrive registration.


About Refresh Your Career, LLC

Refresh Your Career, LLC provides skills and resources to women and men changing careers, including people who are presently working and want to make a change, and those who have taken a break from traditional career paths (caring for children or parents, participating in a failed startup, those who retired and found they want another opportunity, workers who lost their jobs, etc.). For the latest information about the Connect•Work•Thrive Conference, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn or visit our website at


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