Is Your Personality Propelling You Forward or Holding You Back: Habits of Highly Effective People

Sehin Belew

Sehin Belew

Studies have shown again and again that employers hire candidates whom they like. Though technical skills are significantly important in job seeking, the personality factor can get in the way. At Sehin’s workshop, attendees learn how to develop a personality that no employer can resist. When we are confident and enthusiasm about our career and  about our life, we attract people into our lives. Powerful people like to work with confident and enthusiastic people.

How to manage your time most effectively

  • Manage your energy and you will manage your time
  • How to grow your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy
  • Be a sprinter and not a marathon runner
  • The importance of recovery and renewal

Your guide on how to effectively communicate areas of strength

  • Learn how to get your employers’ attention using credibility, value and data
  • How to be an effective speaker
  • How to be an effective listener
  • How to ask and get what you deserve

5 lessons to successfully return-to-work and career change

  • Attitude is everything – you are what you think about
  • Exercise continuous learning – how to excel in your field
  • How to incorporate discipline in every area of your life
  • Dream big – visualize the career you want
  • Surround yourself with the right people
  • Learn to be resilient

What every employee should do to effectively network with employers

  • Be enthusiastic: “Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • Be confident
  • Genuinely appreciate and admire people with whom you work. “Everyone has a non-visible sign on their body that says, “Make me feel important.” -Mary Kay Ash
  • Leave an impression that is unforgettable


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