Feeling Limitless Possibilities or the Same-Old, Same-Old?

Same Old Same Old

We are two weeks into the New Year – are you still feeling the glow of limitless possibilities? Or has the feeling of same-old, same-old set in?

To gain clarity and a renewed sense of purpose, join us at the 2/4/15 Connect•Work•Thrive Conference, a full day of high-level workshops and 1-on-1 coaching sessions: http://refreshyourcareer.com

As an added benefit to our 2/4/15 attendees, WE ARE UNDERWRITING COMPLIMENTARY PASSES to the job search networking event at the Silicon Valley Workforce Diversity Summit on 2/10/15 at Microsoft in Mountain View, CA.

300+ senior level executives from a wide-range of industries are attending, eager to diversify their workforce: http://chambermv.org/workforce-diversity-summit/agenda

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!